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If you're getting 'Invalid password' all the time:

Some handsets display SMS messages in uppercase only. That might have happened when you received your password. However, myKwépé passwords are a mix of 8 (always eight) numbers and/or lowercase characters. So, please, try your password in lowercase. If that doesn't help go to the Login page, type in your number and click 'Password' to retrieve your password - maybe you got it wrong the first time.

If your password's ok but 'You've been logged out' immediately:

You're probably a victim of our strict privacy and security measurements. To enable us to keep the data you've given us private and to prevent others from using your myKwépé account you got to do two things.

1) Make sure your computer's date and time settings are correct AND that you've selected the right time zone. Double click the clock in the lower right corner of your desktop and make sure that time zone is set to GMT +4:00 if you're accessing myKwépé from Mauritius.

2) Tell your browser to allow us to set cookies.

To enable cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer click 'Tools' > 'Internet Options...' > 'Security' > 'Custom Level...'. Scroll down until 'Cookies' appears and enable 'Allow cookies that are stored on your computer'.

To enable cookies in Netscape Navigator / Communicator click 'Edit' > 'Preferences...' > 'Advanced' and enable 'Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server'.

To enable cookies in Opera click 'File' > 'Preferences...' > 'Privacy' and select 'Automatically accept all cookies' and 'Do not accept third party cookies'.