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First: To keep your privacy and to prevent others from using your myKwépé account we've build a security wall around myKwépé. That's - for instance - why we're generating a random password for every subscriber and sending it via SMS to his/her handset. So only the one who's actually holding the handset in his/her hand and knows the number can subscribe to myKwépé.

Second: We do not allow a subscriber session to be inactive for more than 0.5 minutes - meaning you got to move around in myKwépé any other 0.5 minutes to prevent getting 'kicked out'. The reason it to prevent others from using your myKwépé account just because you forgot to logout, went for lunch and somebody else found your computer running with myKwépé open. That's not absolute safety but a fairly good compromise between security and comfort. You don't want to be 'kicked out' after only 5 minutes just because you answered a phone call?

Third: To incorporate the timeout security feature we're storing tiny bits of information on your computer called cookies. What we're storing there is just your subscriber number and your password - in an encrypted form, only readable to us - combined with the last time you opened or used a page. These cookies automatically expire after 0.5 minutes. This makes sure that nobody can just jump into the middle of myKwépé and explore data without identifying himself.